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Honey is present in many of our traditional sweets' recipes.
So what is better than making our own homemade honey.   

I have tried a recipe from a forum, it was not too bad, but the one I liked the most Kaouther's recipe.
Let's start with the recipe and the pictures.


Source: Kaouther


2 cups of sugar (1 cup=250 ml, which is the American cup)
1 cup of water
A few drops of lemon (important)
Flavoring (vanilla, rose water, orange flower .... etc.)


Mix one cup of sugar with one cup of water. Place over medium heat.
Meanwhile, put the other cup of sugar in another saucepan, moisten with 2 Tbsp of water.

Put on high heat at the beginning and then reduce the heat and let it caramelize.
Pour the mixture gently on the sugar-water mixture. Be careful while pouring, it might splash in your face.
Stir, then add a few drops of lemon so it does not crystallize the honey and the aroma of your choice (I have not put it). Leave it over the heat ten minutes. Turn it off.


- Caramelizing the sugar is optional, it just gives the syrup the brown color of a real honey.
If you do not want to prepare the caramel, you can, from the start, mix the sugar with the two cups of water
- Do not leave it too long over the heat. The honey will thicken more as it cools down.


In this picture, I made it a little clearer.


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